Writing Update-February

Scroll_Quill_BlueA summary of EOM writing events. More for my benefit/shame than anything else [shame because I’m telling the world how I didn’t make my goals when I don’t].

Story/Book: Released a novelette for e-readers on both Amazon & Smashwords.

Reading: Only finished three novels. They were semi-entertaining but not a ‘keep forever on my bookshelves’ kind of read.

Words Written: I’ve made my daily writing goal about 15% of the time-although I have written something  79% of the days. [February was not a good writing month.]

Writing: Working on:  2 novels and several novellas.

And that is the February that was!



2 thoughts on “Writing Update-February

  1. I need to go check on Amazon and see what you released. I need to catch up on my reviews for you. Rather thank looking at what you goals you didn’t meet, look at what you accomplished. A lot more than I did. Congrats!

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