Journey into the Unknown

path-in-the-woodsWish me courage. I’d ask for you to wish me luck . . . but luck is a fickle mistress and you may need it more than me.

On Treason’s Trail is almost finished . . . I mean really finished. What to do now? Based on searches of markets – there isn’t a home for this novella (or very many other novellas). It is either posting it here on my website for free, or at least trying the self-pub route.

Now, for me, comes the scariest/hardest part: actually self-publishing and having to “market”. Both of those require activities that are completely outside of any ‘comfort zone’ I have.

Each journey begins with the first step!

And the journey along that path into the ‘unknown” has begun!! Here is where I am in the process:

  • The novella has been polished and edited as best I can.
  • It is now in the hands of a professional editor – undergoing their third and final look/read through.
  • Cover artist found and cover is in process.



10 thoughts on “Journey into the Unknown

  1. Have you considered adding to the story? Evolve from novella to novel? I believe it’s very possible … 🙂

    • Hi, Pauline
      Well it could possibly be expanded but I don’t think it could be expanded by 60K words. The low end word count for fantasy novels is 80K. Range(80k-120k for first novels).

  2. I don’t do well with marketing myself so I understand what you’re going through but I had my first novel up on Amazon for a couple months before telling anyone it was available and it sold several copies. Since then I’ve done limited notifications, mainly about the free promo going on now, that haven’t required much effort and I contacted a couple book reviewers but that’s it. I probably won’t make a lot of money by avoiding the marketing aspect but it leaves me with a lot more time to write.

      • The Dark Genesis of Daniel James is my first novel and my first novella (23 Hours) will be up before long. The free promo ends today and it seemed to do well, about 120 downloads the first day and another 100 over the next 4, but I think contacting book reviewers is what really seems to help.

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