Update #2 – Journey into the Unknown


The journey continues …

  1. On Treason’s Trail is through final edits from the editor. One final read-through in process. Waiting for the cover art because the artist became busy with “real work”. Cover should be ready in August.
  2. Kaserie’s Choice was run through another set of edits. Cover art received.
  3. Currently editing Choices – ordered a cover.
  4. Old dog (me) learned several new tricks – I can now use Calibre & Sigil (I’m impressed with me).
  5. I made my first epub file & mobi files 🙂 [Little bit proud of myself!!]
  6. Facing another BIG challenge (for me). Writing the “blurb(s)”. I am not a marketing person so this is an extremely daunting task. (Falls under #7)  I know it should be simple – but it isn’t for me.
  7. Still researching marketing and trying to develop ideas. [Something different and effective. I refuse to spam twitter.]

If you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to leave a comment.