The Journey

Kaserie_Cover_Mine_alduraAnniversary! One year ago today (09/13/2013) I self-published my first story: sent my first child out into the world to sink or swim on its own.

It has been an interesting year. I’ve learned lots. The periods of discouragement have been frequent but banished by “bright” days.

Would I “undo” this year? Not really. I learned soooo much about me, about other writers, about the writing/publishing process, and about writing generally (and I hope my skills have improved). The year was filled with discouragement sometimes. But also the joy of the first sale to a stranger. The amazement and chair-dances at the 5-star review from one of the Review Sites. The biggest thrill of all when, unknown to me, my son purchased one of my stories and told me he enjoyed it (he is a picky reader). All amazing firsts that will all be remembered.

Have I learned anything worth passing along to others? Nothing which hasn’t been discussed on a thousand other blogs. Mostly this year became a learning experience for me, about me.

I thank all of you who were along for the ride so far.




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