Snappy Comebacks :-)

Flying-pigYears ago I compiled a list of smart-aleck, sarcastic responses that I loved. Now mind, I would have liked to use each and every one of them, but I never would/did. I found the list back the other day while playing ‘pitch and toss’ (sorting though things to determine whether to keep or toss). They are tame now when compared to what I hear every day from younger people, but I still love them.

Perhaps I came by gathering this collection naturally. My father, who, even when we kids did something REALLY dumb, never made cutting comments (He didn’t have to. Usually a look was enough to make each of us children jump into line and feel like idiot.)

owl1Nor do I remember him ever ‘badmouthing’ anyone. Even when a neighbor stole his brand new winter work coat, Dad’s only comment was, “He must have needed it worse than I did.”  [Again consider those words in the light that: (1) the neighbor was quite well-to-do compared to our family since Dad and Mom worked a small farm and had multiple children, and (2) that coat, considering my parent’s income and expenses was probably a major expenditure.]

After Dad died while sorting the things he had kept over the years, I found a small booklet titled: “Snappy Comebacks”. I doubt Dad ever used any of them, but he still had the booklet after about 50 years.

Just like I still have my own list of “Snappy Comebacks” from more years ago than I care to count. And again, like Dad, I’ve never, nor will I, use them in conversation with someone else. Someday, though, when I can find an opportunity in my writing, each and every one of them will appear. I might even hunt up Dad’s booklet and use some of those!!

A couple of my favorites are: (1) I’m trying to imagine you with a personality, and (2) Does your train of thought have a caboose?

What about you? Any ‘snappy comebacks’ that you liked/loved?



2 thoughts on “Snappy Comebacks :-)

  1. You have great ideas, Susan. I just found a new favorite I’d love to say to one of my rambling students: Does your train of thought have a caboose? I don’t dare tell my hubby that one. He would use it on me. Ha!

    • Aubrey,
      They are fun aren’t they! There are a bunch more on my list. I love the caboose one also, but it may not be understood anymore since trains no longer have cabooses and haven’t had for years.

      Thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoyed it.

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