Roaring in …

Card_Bug_eyed animal_YoureKiddingIf you’ve wondered where I’ve been since I haven’t posted since the beginning of January, this will catch you up on my adventures since January 1st.

Suffice it to say that 2016 has definitely roared into my life. It started with the common malaise I call “writer’s doubt” where everything you’ve ever written and/or write is drek.

Apparently that wasn’t enough and the year doubled-down on its efforts to make itself memorable. It succeeded!!

I broke my arm. Which arm you ask? Well my right arm. (Yes I’m right handed.)

But it is just a broken arm, no big deal, right?

To make a long story short after 1 surgery, 3 plates, 23 pins and multiple weeks – I can once again (kinda) use my right hand and type for short periods.

So that is 2016 so far 🙂



6 thoughts on “Roaring in …

  1. Cyber hugs. I’ve missed your trivia tidbits, story snippets, and bits of nostalgia. Glad you are back.Take it easy.

  2. Holy shit! You don’t mess around when you do things, do you??? I hope your year improves as time goes by. And take care of yourself!!! I don’t want to hear about anything else like this. Okay? Okay! I do hope you are doing better and heal well. Geez, this isn’t the only bad news I received today! I can’t take much more without bursting into tears… Hopefully you are on the mend now. Sending healing thoughts your way~~~~~~~~

    • Oh – please don’t cry – sorry about the other bad news you received. 🙁 Don’t worry about me. What is, is. It will work out for me one way or another. I do have to say though that I wish I had all of those books I read when I was young and the MC gets a broken arm and it is all hunky-dory and cool with people signing their cast etc etc — I would give those authors a piece of my mind!

      Thanks for stopping by.

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