Reviews of Tales of Aldura: Kaserie’s Choice

Thrilled with these reviews from Amazon US:

DR999: I love finding new authors with my Kindle, and Susan Stuckey is now on Kaserie_Cover_Mine_alduramy Favorite Authors List. This story is about a young woman who is an underdog, she  has an emotional choice to make, and she finds unexpected allies.

Joyce Barber: What a great story! I was engrossed til the end. Vivid characters and scenes.
Wish it had been longer, looking forward to reading more from this writer!!!

Samyann: Wonderful tale of parental love, overcoming obstacles, trust, a haunting world of wolves and magic, just simply enchanting. An imaginative world and story you’ll enjoy. I look forward to the sequels. A very pleasant read. Enjoyed.



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    • Nancy,
      I’m really tickled – but also dreading those one-star ones that have to be coming.
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