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RiteOfExileNovel Description:

How far will a father go for his child? How much will he sacrifice?
Accused of murder, Caleb flees with his son Warren to begin a new life far from Earth. But when his ship crashes on an unknown world, Warren is injured, condemning the child to a slow death before his twentieth birthday.

Telai is the first of her sword-wielding race to meet these strangers from the sky. Her loyalty to her people demands caution, yet she cannot ignore the plea in Caleb’s voice, or the desperate longing in Warren’s eyes. A connection takes hold, a bond even her clairvoyant powers cannot explain. Should she trust her instincts? Should she trust her heart?

Caleb embraces the unhurried lifestyle of their noble cities, and swears an oath to protect Telai’s people. Determined to save his son, he discovers a passage in their archives about an ancient talisman that could cure any disease–but was so powerful it sent an entire race to the brink of destruction. Now he faces a terrible choice: Pursue this faint hope, betraying his oath and his growing love for Telai … or watch his son wither away until he dies.

Rite of Exile is the first book in The Silent Tempest trilogy.


Orange_Butterfly_Transparent_SmallMy Review

Fantasy + SciFi + Folktales + Prophecy…..

Sounds like a strange combination but Mr. Godwin creates a well-rounded world where it all meshes and creates and amazing first book for his trilogy.

Avoiding spoilers (since I hate it when I read a review that includes them) – the description provided by the author is accurate. The world is richly imagined and presented in harmony with the storyline as the tale progresses. Along with Caleb, the reader enters an emotional roller coaster of a father’s love for his son and the efforts to save the boy. Efforts made around or in spite of suspicions, war, and magic, all laced with humor and friendship with a dash of romance for extra seasoning.

The reader is sucked in wanting to know if Caleb saves his son, wanting to know more about the world and customs and with each twist and turn the complexity grows and the reader’s curiosity is heightened.

Currently saving to purchase the next book in the series. (only have the kindle app for computer and I prefer printed copies).



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