Review – Merry Christmas, Henry

Merry Christmas, Henry

Epitome of the true Christmas Spirit: Love, Sharing, Giving all in one Short Story,

In her debut publication, author Aubrey Wynne creates a hero, Henry, that each and every one would love to have as a best friend (or in the case of females, perhaps a closer relationship). It is a tale of a man, under-appreciated by many who know him, but because of the adversity in his own early life has developed a true artist’s eye and a caring and gentle spirit.

Writing this review is difficult because I don’t want to give too much of the plot and spoil it for someone else. The writing is excellent. The pacing flawless. The story flows so smoothly that I read it in one sitting and was left wanting more. And, I envied the woman who captured Henry’s heart.

A beautiful, touching, absolutely perfect Christmas read! A great ‘stocking stuffer’ to give to others!!



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  1. Thanks for the great review–without giving away too much! I just bought my copy and can’t wait to read it.

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