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Stack_of_booksI enjoy Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar novels. As I said in a review I previously posted, they are my reading equivalent of ‘comfort food’.

Because of that I picked up a copy of Home from the Sea by the same author [Book Seven of the Elemental Masters Series]. I really enjoyed the MC Mari Prothero and the opening chapters which focused on her and her situation.

When the story switched to Sarah and Nan, I was much less thrilled and actually found them quite boring and distinctly unbelievable.

Now considering I jumped in at book seven, possibly I should have expected to be surprised, or confused, but the description did not say a reader should read the earlier books in the series before reading this one.

I thought Lackey did a very decent job with Mari’s chapters, with developing her character and presenting her logic and behavior. The book, in my opinion, would have been much improved and more enjoyable without the interjection of Sarah, Nan and Puck. Or possibly if the novel had opened with those characters so the reader knew they would have a primary role–not sure.

I do know that I will be in no rush to read any of the others in this series.

Home from the Sea gets a 3/5 rating.



4 thoughts on “Review – Home from the Sea

  1. Mercedes Lackey has been a powerhouse fantasy writer for decades. Kudos to her. She has some great books. For me, I personally like a different fantasy author better. A new voice with a wonderful series of Kalieri Tales.

    • Aubrey,
      Thanks for stopping by. I suspect that possibly the series would be great if a reader started with the first book since then they would have the explanation/background for the things I just couldn’t believe.

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