Review – Changes by Mercedes Lackey

Changes by Mercedes Lackey: [Book 2 of the Collegium Chronicles] Like many readers I’m of two minds about this book/series. The potential is there, the execution is not up to the same quality as the author’s previous writing.

Pacing moved along at an OK pace. Characterization proved consistent with previous books in the series, no major WTFs. Mags’ “accent” was way overused/overdone during this one and ended up detracting from the story along with all the Kirball focus. The Kirball game development, although it was used in the plot at the end, had too large of a portion in the rest of the narrative.

Disappointed by all the typos/errors that were included, so publisher, proofreader, and author all get a slap on the hand for those.

I will continue reading in order to discover Mags history/family. But to me it seems as if Lackey is either tired of the Heralds/Valdemar World and that is reflected in her writing, or she is too busy trying to “crank out” multiple books and isn’t focusing enough on any of them.

That said, I will continue reading the series.