Review – Allah’s Revenge

Allah's revengeAllah’s Revenge by Pete Barber

In this thriller, Pete Barber combines terrorism and romance to create a very believable scenario in this day and age.

In the US a young muslim develops programmable nanobot technology for the purpose of creating ethanol from garbage. With modifications these same nanobots become a fearful killing weapon in the hands of terrorists. A terrorist’s group named Allah’s
Revenge woos Dawud, the technology’s developer, to allow them to use re-programmed nanobots to kill two hundred innocents in England, then, when their demands aren’t met, use it a second time in Korea at a G20 Conference, killing many world leaders, including the US Vice President.

A British detective named Quinn takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride around the globe as he follows the terrorists’ trail from England to the middle east and then the United States.

Well rounded characters, excellent plot and fast pacing make this a delightful read. I hope to see Quinn in future books by this author. Allah’s Revenge proved to be a wonderful read and a great debut novel from Pete Barber.