Review – A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux

A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux: I enjoyed the historical story and characters. The writing was well done for the time. The ‘reincarnation’ theme worked.

For me Dougless Montgomery’s [the female MC] behavior/attitude/character and that of her boyfriend and his daughter [Robert & Gloria] seemed unbelievable in the present world – but might well work in the late 1980s when it was written.

Dougless does grow/mature as a character before the end of the book and by the end I found her much more tolerable than she was at the beginning. 

The male MC [Nicholas Stafford] won me over immediately.

Setting description and historical details proved detailed enough to picture the setting but was not so much as to become burdensome.

For me the plot ‘faltered’ in a couple of places because too much time was spent on unnecessary aspects and slowed the overall progression. Some of the ‘relationship’ scenes seemed forced or written just to please readers and not because they added anything particularly to plot advancement or deepening of characters.

The ending was very nicely done.

Those who enjoy Jude Deveraux’s books will enjoy this read.
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10 thoughts on “Review – A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux

  1. Spot on review, Susan. I read this in the 80’s and it was one reason I started reading historical romances. It really did fit that decade and geared towards the younger woman. When I reread it a few years ago, I saw the same holes you did but still loved the story and the hero.
    You just put me in the mood to pull out some other of my old-time favorites. Devereaux, Garwood, McNaught – brings back memories and the reason I started writing.

  2. One might theorize: sex is to romance as corpse is to mystery. Can you have one without the other? Of course. But do they go well together? Yes! 🙂 How much is needed? A very individual answer.

    My aunt is no longer with us, but I wish she could respond to this blog. She was a dedicated historical romance reader: Woodiwiss, Garwood, Coulter, Quick (J.A.K), Kleypas … et al. Thanks for your post. It brings back great memories of sharing books with my aunt.

    Another kudos for Deveraux—she was able to share the Montgomery family in several of her stories that spanned centuries, including AKiSA.

    • That is true (about opinion/sex). I discovered Deveraux when she wrote her first “Montgomery” novel and followed for several books. Maybe it is my age now or a change in taste but I thought the scenes played much more naturally from the narrative in those earlier books than it did in this one. But yes I’ve discovered that I’m now a more conservative (lead up to to bedroom door but don’t be a voyeuer person).

  3. My aunt loved Deveraux. One thing I remember from AKiSA has to do with the time travel elements. I think the author nicely highlighted certain aspects of both the present and the past during the story.

    • I agree and I loved the history/time travel portion of it and how it did show the differences in the two societies. BUT it did seem to me that the sex was just thrown in because fans expected it rather than being a necessary part of the story.

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