Review – A Kingdom of Dreams

Scroll_Quill_BlueA Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught was recommended by a friend. Judith McNaught provides the reader with lovely description and setting which is easily pictured as the story progresses. The characters are engaging for the most part. My favorite was the male MC Royce, while my favorite female character was the Aunt Elinor.

The score for this one is because after all of the time Royce & Jenny spent together and after her father’s schemes etc had been exposed, I found it unbelievable that she would still side with her father in a public event and be against Royce. I found Brenna, Jenny’s sister, more believable at the end (before the epilogue) than Jenny.

So although a highly engaging, well-written story with a very neat plot and complications I couldn’t give this any thing higher than 3.5 / 5.



2 thoughts on “Review – A Kingdom of Dreams

  1. Love, love, love Judith McNaught. She’s one of my top 5 favorite historical romance authors. But I have to agree about that scene. That rubbed me the wrong way too. I might have given 4 stars though but would have to reread it. It’s been years. You’re really pulling out oldies but goodies. Thanks, Susan.

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