Regency Romance = Flavor of the Week

This week’s “Mixed-up Monday” read.

[Although I write fantasy, I read many different genres. Suffice it to say my reading tastes are varied.]


I spent time this week-end cruising the used bookstores on a mission with a Cartland_MixedupMondayfriend. My friend’s aged mother loves reading romance novels/stories – the ‘old fashioned kind not erotica or those with sexually explicit scenes. In addition, she has heart problems and the conflicts/problems in many of the gothic-type romances upset her so she cannot read those. My friend and I searched for the old regency romances by author Barbara Cartland.

My assessment, after visiting all of the used book stores in town is that they have: (1) fallen from favor as reading material, (2) people who read them don’t frequent used bookstores, or (2) they aren’t being published any more.  Only in one store did we find any of Cartland’s books on the shelves, and there they were shelved under ‘Gothic Romance’ rather than ‘Regency Romance’.

My friend bought one of each book we found for his mother. When he finished, I decided to sample the most profilic author (723 books with sales of over 650,000,000 copies) of the genre and randomly purchased ‘Music from the Heart’.

I found the book overall unengaging with very little character development and truly had to force myself to finish reading it.

If life provided a “do-over”, would I buy and read this book? Probably not – not even used.

Anyone have any reading recommendations for Regency Romance?