Rangers of Alarel

Excerpts from the History of the Rangers.


After the Twin God sacrificed himself for the Kalieri people, the land of Alarel was divided into five kingdoms. A Council was formed to maintain peace and harmony, and its members were the Kings of the Five Kingdoms along with representatives from each of the three Guardian Clans.

The earliest written histories confirm that this Council created an organization they named the Rangers. Formed to help the Guardian Clans protect the Kalieri people, the Rangers answered only to the Council. Their purpose was twofold. First to help maintain order within the land. Second to keep a watchful eye along those borders the Kalieri Kingdoms shared with the lands ruled by the Dark God’s servants, the Chorkan.

At a much later time, under the leadership of Ranger Commander Prince Kaden Tyech, an elite group, the Stormhawks, was formed within the Rangers. Unlike their fellow Rangers, a majority of them were descendants of the Guardian Clans and possessed great potential for the wielding of the Twin Gods’ magic.

[Scribe’s notes: Since the creation of the Kalieri people, intermarriages have ensured that all Kalieri carry magical potential, but like the original Kalieri who became Liheiren with the ability to wield magic, it is each individual’s choice to serve or not and use of magic is dependent on the individual’s choice.]



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