That was the sound of January wizzing by… and now its gone. Along with its passing, it destroyed my objective to subdue my introvert self and create a new blog post at least once a week. [Score so far: introvert 3; objective 2 (only thanks to the New Years post).]

I hope everyone has been doing well and that 2018 has been good to you.

A bit of good news did come out of January. I’m finally writing again on a regular basis — first time since August, 2016. (It makes me nervous even typing that for fear that I’ll jinx the writing, so cross your fingers that it lasts–mine are.) Which leads to the graphic on the page. Part of that writing is set in two new world(s) each of which has dragons.

I’ve also have several stories in process set in the world of Aldura. Two of those, feature characters my readers have met before and have indicated they want to see more of.

Yes, my story-stove (when its cooking) always has multiple pots bubbling away on its burners at the same time. Since I’m a pantser, it helps me. If I get stuck on one story, I switch to another until the first story becomes unstuck.

I hope to post some excerpts soon, and look forward to hearing what you think.



Love to hear your thoughts :-)