Sword of Isyndral


Sword of Isyndral

When her parents are murdered by traitors, Allena Telrae becomes Chief of the Dragon Clan in the midst of a battle. Though ill-prepared and untested, she takes command of her over-matched garrison as enemy forces stream through Dragons Keep’s gate. Allena unsheathes the Sword of Isyndral to summon allies. Will they come or will her people be decimated? Conditions grow desperate when the Dark God himself joins the battle. Can she solve the puzzle of the Sword to defeat the enemy and thwart the Dark God?

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Trivia Tidbit: Both Timalas and Tayril of the Njae [of The Sword of Isyndral] are Phaedra‘s brothers. They are descended from those Kalwyn Njae who managed to escape Arael’s Rest before it fell to the Halurdow. Gareth Telrae (of The Sword of Isyndral) and Thaenad Telrae (of Kaserie’s Choice & Choices) are brothers.