On Treason’s Trail

OTT_AlduraOn Treason’s Trail

Guardian Mage Glason Telmar disguises himself as a pauper to track a band of ruthless killers. In his investigation, he uncovers a sinister, deeply laid plot threatening all of the followers of the Twin Gods. Glason must face the menace alone, but will his magic and Guardian training prove sufficient to pass this ultimate test?

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Trivia Tidbit: The character Glason Telmar was created to be the “wise, older person” to go along with Clovis (in a story that is still steeping on a back-burner on the story-stove). Glason had other ideas about being a foil or minor character to his nephew. I certainly was NOT going to say no to an insistent Guardian Mage, so Glason became the MC in his own tale.