Kalieri Tales_Choices_AlduraChoices: Ranger Thaenad Telrae, aided by a pack of Black Wolves, rescues a group of women and children from certain death at the hands of the butchering worshippers of the Dark God. As he guides them toward safety, a traitor within their number exposes his every move to pursuing enemy forces. Are Thaenad’s skills and magic capable of neutralizing the traitor and overcoming the enemy?

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Trivia Tidbit: The Tales of Aldura were not written in time-line order. In fact, the ‘Thaenad stories’ (three stories in which Thaenad plays a part) have so far been written in reverse order. The inspiration for Choices resulted from a reader of a different story (Kaserie’s Choice – set later on the time-line) who wanted to know more about Thaenad. And two short character interactions in the story Choices sparked the story Phaedra.