November’s Spotlight

Stormhawk’s Warning

StormhawksWarning_AlduraThe cruel and ruthless Chorkan, servants of the Dark God, have one obstacle in their path to conquest: a young noble in the Kingdom of Kier, Prince Kaden. Pursued by enemies and friends alike, while under a death sentence for a crime he didn’t commit, Kaden seeks sanctuary with his old weapons master.

He must find a missing princess, save his family, prevent a war and protect his kingdom, all while avoiding the executioner’s block.

[You can see a list of all the Tales of Aldura here]


Trivia Tidbit: The original Kingdoms of Alarel (the Twin Gods’ land) were: Galdona, Alliandrae, Klatinan, Vladesh, and Ryland. Although there have been numerous wars/battles between the followers of the Dark God and those of the Twin Gods, in the time of Stormhawk’s Warning of the original five kingdoms only Galdona and Vladesh have ever lost part of their territory to the Chorkan through conquest.



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