Map of Alarel (World of Aldura)

My map-making skills are slim to none, but I have searched and cannot find anyone who will make a map for a price within my budget. Here is the best I can do (for now). The only places/names on the map at this point are ones that have appeared in my stories/novels, and the may move some before the map is finalized. More names etc will appear as additional stories/events occur.

[I understand that per the rules of our world, there are some impossibilities represented by this map – but it is a world modified by the God Azrael and the Goddess Arael in a manner They found pleasing.]



4 thoughts on “Map of Alarel (World of Aldura)

    • Aubrey,
      Glad you like it … its a bit childish as maps go, but it is what I can do 🙁 Thanks for stopping by.

  1. I was amused at your comment about your gods. Basically: ‘They saw it was good’, I guess. That’s how it should be.
    I did find myself looking for a port city at the mouth of one of the rivers, but perhaps there is nowhere else to travel to or import things from, so that wouldn’t be important.
    Well done for tackling this alone. It’s not easy, is it?

    • Thanks for stopping by. At this point the only places/names on the map are ones that have appeared (or were mentioned) in my stories/novels. And no maps aren’t easy (imo).

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