Kaden is ….

Stormhawk_Night…being a PITA!. In my newest story–well ok not new since I started it some time ago, but it is now on the ‘active burner’ on the story-stove–the MC is Ranger Captain Prince Kaden. (His story is shaping up to be another novelette (>7,500, <17500) or possibly a novella (>17,500 words). Anyway, this story/tale is being a real headache.

Not only can I not think of a title for it, but I realized, now that I’m nearing the end, that the “pre-climax” scene (rescue of the fair damsel) is, to me, more engaging/fun than the “climax” I originally planned. Not good!

I’ve been thinking about this for the past few days, and trying to figure out what other last minute difficulties I can throw at Kaden. I’ve been doing my customary pacing. Yes, I pace while I think and stew about things. You can ask the dogs. When I hit a plot problem, both they and I get our exercise because we repeatedly travel the length and breadth of the house. They can testify because they must, of course, follow where I go in case the treat jar is opened.

Perhaps Kaden’s upset about all those titles prefacing his name and that’s why I can’t think of a title. Maybe … nah–he isn’t that kind of guy. So here is the tentative blurb:

Ranger Captain Prince Kaden is condemned for murders he did not commit. Alone, hiding from those searching for him, he must prove his innocence or die. Betrayed by friends. Hunted by enemies. He discovers a more far-reaching plot that threatens all the members of his family. Can he find the evidence he needs to save his life and the other members of his family before his enemies execute their devious plan?

Can you help with a title?



2 thoughts on “Kaden is ….

  1. I love the fact he rescues a damsel in distress. But a title. Hmmm. Kaden’s Quest. Ot something with conspiracy or conspiracies. Or Searching For the Prince – nah. Plots and Promises. Okay, this is hard. It’s the best I can do after one cup of coffee. 🙂

    • Aubrey
      Thanks for stopping by … and yep this one is giving me “title fits”. If you think of anything else, let me know.

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