Joys of the New Year

2014 has entered our lives with a bang!!!

Orange_BlackKitty_BadLuckI feel like the proverbial ‘bad luck harbringer’.

January 1st – The toilet in the small bathroom  quit ‘doing its thing’ (joy, joy, happy, happy).

January 2nd  – Son left mid-day to return to Hawaii. I have never seen people so glum and not wanting to go back to perpetually warm weather before in my life. Although I do admit I love my seasons and would not like to give them up. Luckily (since it was his prime wish while he was home) Mother Nature cooperated (kinda, sorta) and we had a bit more than a dusting of snow on Wednesday evening/Thursday morning. So he did get to see snow.

January 2nd early afternoon – When going to mail some packages, we discovered that multiple electronics on the vehicle no longer worked … but then after a bit they started again … but then the next time we started the vehicle they didn’t work again. So that will be off to the shop the first of next week for repair :-(.

1January 3rd: In the morning  (of course the day after son left-since he is the computer person) hubbers got some kind of virus and/or malware on his computer which would not let him do anything. So I spent a chunk of time cleaning that stuff off. Yes, yes, we have a virus program – but the sly devils tricked him into believing it was a Microsoft update so he told the virus program to stand down.

January 3rd: In the evening of the 3rd while washing the dishes, the dishwasher died a horrible death [horrible only because that meant me doing dishes by hand :-)]

January 4th: In the afternoon, it was off to Lowe’s (at hubbers’ insistence – gotta love a considerate husband) to purchase a new dishwasher. It is ‘supposed’ to be installed sometime next week.

January 4th: During the evening … no nothing bad. I had my first NEW learning experience of the New Year. I formated a document for a printed publication on Create Space (a research/historical compilation). I’m going to wait to upload it until tomorrow or later [have had enough 🙁 for a while.]

[This section edited to remove names and clarify.] Actually the yuck stuff started at the end of 2013 when, during the week between Christmas & New Year, I took my old computer (and it is old-but it is also the only computer which runs several programs I use frequently) to a national company’s repair people.

I specified that I ONLY wanted them to:

  1. physically clean the machine inside and out,
  2. Test to see if any fans etc needed replacing,
  3. Since I purchased the virus program/licenses via them – to install the program
  4. Nothing else.

celtic-knotIn their infinite wisdom they ran all kinds of diagnostics etc. on it and “deleted a bunch of stuff that ‘you didn’t need'” … which included THE program needed for the computer to receive the communications from the scanner/printer (does a lot more than that) and which translates documents into a pdf format. No problem … just reinstall … right? NO. They managed to also remove the driver for the cd drive so that the computer does not recognize it has one … so reinstalling is a definite “no go”! Even after I take it back out there for them to fix the CD so it works … it will cost another $100 or more to get the technie to come to the house to set up all the fine points of communication between machine/computer. (If the company will even do it – they may no longer support the machine.)

2With all the company visiting, things breaking and needing replacing or repair, I couldn’t say this first part of  2014 has been conducive to creative writing. BUT I re-learned all kinds of things that I’d forgotten how to do in MS Word (I used to teach courses in Word-but when I don’t use some facets of a program, I forget how to do them. And it has been more than twenty years since I worried about certain kinds of formatting.)

If the first four days are a representative sample of this year, then 2014 will be a “learning year” – so all is good.




4 thoughts on “Joys of the New Year

  1. Definitely a bang! Yet your spirit and outlook are motivating. Thanks for sharing and . . . To Glory! 🙂 The pics are wonderful.

    • Danielle
      Thanks for stopping by. Figure it doesn’t do any good to get too down – doesn’t change a frickin thing.

  2. Oh, Susan. What a way to stat 2014. But your positive attitude is still shining through. Look at this way, all the bad luck is hitting you now so the rest of the year can be smooth sailing.
    Love the pics, btw.

    • Aubrey
      Well I figure if the “dumptruck” is stuck at our house – it is giving someone else a break cause it surely cannot be in two places at once. 🙂 [Or as I was taught growng up: What is, is. Make the best of it.]

      Thanks for stopping by.

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