January’s Spotlight


The call of duty can be a rough path to follow, and some paths are more difficult than others.  Phaedra, a Njae Loremaster, must tread one of the more difficult ones. Along the way she confronts her fate as predicted by a Seeress, acquires the assistance of a dragon, and risks her husband, her child, and her life in order to save the peoples of the Twin Goddess.

[You can see a list of all the Tales of Aldura here]


Trivia Tidbits: At the time of this story, Clovis Gavin Telmar (Battle of Stryker’s Pass) is nine years old, while Kaserie Rheann Faelyn (Kaserie’s Choice) is seven.



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  1. I agree with Aubrey. The world of Aldura is a wonderful place to visit. I love both the Spotlight idea and the Trivia Tidbits added to your blog.

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