History Snippet #1

Thumbnail_Jezei's_Justice_3(For a bit of Jezrei’s story, see Jezrei’s Justice)

Excerpt from The History of Aldura and its Magic by Muhadun Jezrei.

“In the beginning the Father created many worlds and allowed each of his children to choose one as their own. Urdo, the eldest son, chose first and picked the largest. The world of Aldura, the smallest, was chosen by His youngest children, the Twin Gods, Azrael and Arael. And, in accordance with the Father’s decree, each of the gods populated their world as they desired, without interference from any other of His children. Azrael and Arael created their people and called them the Kalieri.

And then it came to pass that Urdow grew jealous of the beauty created by his two youngest siblings, and brought his children to Aldura to destroy all those the Twin Gods created.

And Arael named Urdow ‘the Dark God.’

Such was the grief of the Father over the actions of his eldest son, that He turned His face away and would not look upon Him.

And in response to Urdow’s actions, Azrael chose some of the Kalieri and gave them the responsibility of nurturing the others. Azrael lightened the burden for these chosen by endowing them with magical abilities. These He called the Liheiren. [Jezrei’s note: because the Liheiren ability to use magic is always inherited, in the present time all Kalieri can use the magic of Aldura, although they may not know it or wish to.]

And lo on the day that Azrael sacrificed himself for his people, the Twin Goddess, Arael, chose some of the Kalieri Lihieren and created the Guardian Clans. Upon the Guardians she placed the duty and obligation of perpetually defending the Kalieri from the depredations of the followers of her eldest brother.”



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