Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving-TurkeyI hope everyone who visits here today has a happy, healthy, fun Thanksgiving Day.

This holiday will be bittersweet at our house. I believe it will only be the 2nd time since he was born that our son will not be able to be home for Thanksgiving. The other time was during his deployment to Afghanistan.

Since son is the turkey lover, and a turkey is really more than just the two of us can eat, I doubt we’ll have one. Although pumpkin pie, pecan pie and whipped cream will definitely all make an appearance. Those are ‘must haves’ for my husband.

So, as we look forward to a quieter than usual Thanksgiving, may you be surrounded by family or friends and have a marvelous day!!



2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!!

  1. Susan,
    Pull ou the old family photos and movies. Sit back with a slice of pie and reminisce with the hubby. That should bring some smiles to your day. Thank goodness for internet and texts and the old-fashioned phone call.
    Here’s to an even sweeter reunion when you see your son for Christmas.

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