Funny that …

Tree_montage_Cover_Web_background.gifFive years ago, to help out my spouse, I started playing an on-line game. The original purpose of my playing was to level the skill of fishing on one of his ‘old’ toons. [I enjoyed the fishing-he didn’t].

Fishing became leveling. Leveling became playing on my own. And for the past five years every day (except for the week when son come home from Afganistan and a couple of other times) I played that toon. 

The one toon morphed into learning to play and level other toons. I became the ‘care-taker of ignored toons’ (for both husband and son). I played them and leveled them, etc. My husband quit playing a year and a half ago. I continued.

But yesterday I did a simple thing … I deactivated that account (the $ are needed elsewhere). Amazingly it was HARD. I felt that I abandoned that toon who put up with me not knowing what I was doing, who I killed with regularity (especially when I first started playing). I felt like a brown spot on the ground (you know … those you don’t want to step in), and (silly me) I cried. That toon had become a “friend” – always there.

So this is my farewell for that original toon.

A bit of foolishness really, how pretend people in a pretend world capture one’s heart and emotions … kinda like a good book.