Duty Series Coming Soon

ToA_DutysCallWithin a month the first story in the “Duty” series will be released: Duty’s Call.

This is the first in a four story series about a Stormhawk Ranger named Jatham Draben. He is the youngest son of Rurik Draben, a noble in the Kingdom of Fynd. These stories detail his discovery of plots by a Chorkan he calls Red and his efforts to stop those schemes.

  1. Duty’s Call (novella)
  2. Duty and Justice (short story)
  3. Duty’s Price (short story)
  4. Duty with Honor (novel)

All four stories will be available before year’s end. Hope you enjoy!




8 thoughts on “Duty Series Coming Soon

  1. Aldura fans rejoice! I love the idea of interconnected stories, leading up to a novel.

    • lol and thank you 🙂 I had originally planned on having the first one released this month — but that had to get pushed back. It is what happens when you are a pantser and write the series from end to beginning instead of the “right” way. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by.

      • <>–grin. I like a little plotting; however, if someone is 100% plotting their book before writing it — they are either writing non-fiction, or missing out on the joy of fiction writing. 🙂

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