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Green_dragon_FreeFor the present, most of my stories are set on the World of Aldura and some of the characters appear in more than one. It can become difficult keeping everyone straight in my mind so that details in one story don’t contradict another. Since one of my hobbies is genealogy, I sometimes resort to utilizing family trees to organize and keep all my fictional characters in place (and spark the old memory). Above is a partial lineage chart of the Dragon Clan showing ancestors of the Clan’s main characters in The Sword of Isyndral.

Trivia: Both Timalas and Tayril of the Njae (of The Sword of Isyndral) are Phaedra’s brothers and are descended from the Kalwyn Njae who managed to escape Arael’s Rest before it fell to the Halurdow. As you can see, Gareth Telrae [The Sword of Isyndral with a cameo appearance in On Treason’s Trail] and Thaenad Telrae [of Kaserie’s Choice & Choices & Phaedra] are brothers.




6 thoughts on “Dragon Clan Genealogy

  1. Thank you for this! I did not realize Timalas and Tayril were Phaedra’s brothers! That had completely slipped by me. Perhaps if I re-read Phaedra I would have caught that. I love the way the story is expanding and weaving together with earlier stories. 😀

    • Linda
      Thanks for stopping by. I’m not sure if that family relationship is revealed in either the two stories. It was in Sword for sure (early version) – but it may have gotten chopped in an edit. Now I’m gonna have to go check 🙂

      The real NEW bit of info is Elise’s spouse — he is mentioned in Kaserie’s Choice.

    • Thanks for stopping by. Such memory jogs have become a necessity and certainly help forgetful me — that’s for sure. And sometimes I even remember to enter in the “notes” section for each person how I described them – so that if they have brown eyes and are short – they stay that way instead of switching to being tall with green eyes in a later/different story.

  2. Neat idea to use genealogy with your characters. I also hadn’t realized Gareth and Thaenad are brothers. I love how all the Aldura stories are interconnected.

    • Thanks for Stopping By:-) As I said in the post genealogy is the only way I can keep (sometimes) all of them straight.

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