Halloween_line_1Looking through a stashed box of old papers (yes I’m on one of my well-known ‘pitch & toss’ or ‘give-away’ sprees) to thin out ‘stuff’ accumulated over years and years. I discovered a printed version of one of the very first ‘stories’ I had ever written. Fantasy of course! [To give you an idea of its age, the copy is printed on tractor-feed paper with the tear-off edges and the print is from an old dot matrix printer. Even worse either the print has faded over time or the printer was badly in need of a new ribbon.]

I had believed the story lost when the first computer died and the only copy of the story was on an old 5″ floppy disk which no one could read. In truth, over the years, my memory of the story had grown quite fuzzy. The printout is now sitting on my nightstand and will become my bedtime reading tonight. 🙂 Will be interesting (maybe depressing) to find out if there is anything worth saving.



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