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Disciple is a six-part gritty fantasy romance about Kate, who is mastering her healing magic to help defend her homeland against an invading empire. She never expected the crown prince would notice her in the process, though. Below is an interview with Kate.


L: So you and Prince Kiefan fell in love. When you found you were pregnant, you needed a husband but the prince…?

Kate: Kiefan’s marriage must seal the alliance with our neighboring kingdom. We very much need their aid against the Empire, as the siege went so badly. Saint Aleksandr was murdered. And the king died at the breaking of the city walls.

L.: Which passed the crown to Kiefan. But as king, he and the remaining saints managed to break the siege.

Kate: The Empire’s army is still in our land. They have only to bring reinforcements up and they will attack us again.

L.: So in these few months to catch your breath, you have a chance to start a little family. You, the baby, and your new husband Anders. How has that been going?

Kate: It has gone well. As he said, we are friends and that eases the strain of the baby. (she pauses, turning thoughtful) Anders has been very kind to me. My duties as a healer take so much of my time, I fear I will make a poor wife in the long run. He may regret this marriage yet. (she tries to smile, but it’s weak)

L.: You want to be a good wife — because he’s turning out to be a good husband?

Kate: (reluctantly) Yes. (silence follows)

L.: Is Anders still only a friend?

Kate: (closes her eyes and whispers)  We must be only friends.

L.: Why?

Kate: Kiefan… it was only for duty that he couldn’t marry me. Only because the saints had promised him in marriage for the alliance. I can’t break his heart.

L: Kiefan’s? Or Anders’?

Kate: (softly) Either of them.


Back cover: Kate can’t avoid the simple truth any longer; as much as she loves Kiefan, he’s now the king and his duties leave him precious little time for her and their newborn son. Kate’s husband Anders, the ne’er-do-well knight, is the one who kisses her cheek every morning and soothes the baby to sleep on his shoulder.

Kiefan’s protective jealousy still casts a shadow over her life. He would gladly throw Anders to the wolves if it will keep alliance negotiations from collapsing. Their homeland desperately needs these allies against the invading Empire. The kingdom barely survived the first wave of the enemy’s monstrous army and more is to come.

But Kate can’t stand by and let Anders become a victim — or let Kiefan suspect she’s falling in love with her husband.


Disciple, Part IV

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