Caveat Emptor

For background regarding the computer – see my 01/05/2014 post: computer_clipart]

I hired a different computer tech to look at the computer. He has had it for 2 weeks, running constantly with him stressing it etc. His conclusions about the machine from evidence he found:

  • Problems it exhibited when I got it back were caused by them crashing and buring the machine and trying to rebuild it the way I had it.
  • They DID NOT physically clean it. (see #1 in the original post)
  • He could find no reason for their statement that there was no point in even working on the machine because it was going to ‘die’ any day/minute. This guy says he sees no reason why it won’t run for years and years yet. Everything works fine.

So…trusting a national company’s computer repair department to (1) actually do what is asked AND (2) to have done what they said they HAD done is NOT necessarily the smartest thing to do.

Good news…my old computer will be home tomorrow and ready to ‘rock & roll’ so to speak. I’m a happy camper – that computer and I have been friends for many years.




2 thoughts on “Caveat Emptor

  1. It is so frustrating when you trust a name brand and get worse than no results. I had a hard time going to a lap top and parting with my computer. Sad parting, indeed. I’m glad you got to keep your friend.

    • Aubrey
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Well – it would never be a laptop for me I’m afraid. Tried 2 of them in the past and just don’t like them.

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