Duty’s Call – Free today!!

In honor of my son’s retirement from the Army, the first story in the Duty Series is Free today on amazon!  🙂  Hope you enjoy!

Duty’s Call

(1st story in the Duty Series)


Jatham Draben follows his dream of becoming a Stormhawk Ranger. On his first mission he discovers a plot by one of the Dark God’s followers, a Chorkan he calls Red. This enemy intends to conquer the Kingdom of Klatinan. Will Jatham be able to block Red’s activities and preserve those he’s sworn to protect? [Set in a period generations after all the previous Tales of Aldura, this is the first story in the ‘Duty Series’.]

[You can see a list of all the Tales of Aldura here]


Trivia Tidbit: Nothing like writing a series backward … which is what happened with the “Duty” series. This first story was the last one written.

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August’s Spotlight: New Release


[2nd story in the Duty Series]

Duty_and_JusticeWhile returning from a mission, Stormhawk Ranger Jatham Draben aids a starving family who had fled their homes to escape threatened harm. Deciding to investigate, he detours to their village.

Can Jatham decipher the puzzle of a Lord accused of abusing his tenants, but who demonstrates quite a different persona in everyday interaction with them? 



Fan Art – Duty Series

ToA_DutysCallA fan of the ‘Duty’ series sent me some pencil sketches of her vision of some of the characters. This sketch portrays Stormhawk Ranger Jatham Draben and his friend, the Stormhawk Ranger Healer Bernard,  from Duty’s Call (first story in the Duty Series). 

Since I’m ‘artistically challenged’ to the extent that people even laugh at my stick-figures, it is such a treat to see someone else’s vision of my characters, and how theirs differs from mine.

I am honored that Kathy took the time and made the effort to depict some of my characters, and that she sent them to me. Thank you, Kathy.

Jatham and Bernard_cropped

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