June’s Spotlight

Battle of Stryker Pass


An implacable enemy. A desperate stand. Stryker Pass is the last hope of Clovis Telmar’s people to stop the invading Halurdow. Outnumbered six-to-one, the followers of the Twin Gods prepare for their ultimate battle, an all-or-nothing defense of the pass leading to the soft heart of all the Kalieri Kingdoms. Clovis Telmar, son of the Chief of the Wolf Clan, holds the key to the defense of Stryker Pass, but why should the anxious, exhausted defenders follow the lead of a 12 year old boy?

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Trivia Tidbit: I hit a “stall” (think brick wall) in a story. The MC was a quiet, reserved person, and I needed to discover more about him. I needed to learn some of his “whys.” And so the Battle of Stryker Pass was born with the MC fifteen years younger than he is in the stalled story. [Side note: the other story is still sitting bubbling on a back burner of the story-stove.]