Tears of a Seeress


Tears of a Seeress


If Father Tree dies so will all children and creatures of the Twin Goddess including the Njae. Arael’s Rest, the home of the Kalwyn Njae, has been under siege by the Halurdow for more than a generation. Added to the enemy, a plague has struck the Njae–a plague that is always fatal. If any Kalwyn Njae are to survive, they must flee their home. Seeress Illyani and her son, Glimrion, fight to save Father Tree and stop the Halurdow. Will they succeed?  


(Although set earlier in the time-line, I would recommend reading this immediately before or after reading Phaedra.)



Story Chains …

(or that is what I call them) come in interesting ways for me.

Kaserie_Cover_Mine_alduraOne of the first stories I wrote was Kaserie’s Choice. A reader commented that they really wanted to know more about Thaenad, a Ranger who arrives to help Kaserie, and the Black Wolves who accompany him.  That request became Choices. [Kaserie’s Choice also spurred another story that occurred earlier: Jezrei’s Justice.]

I wrote Choices,Kalieri Tales_Choices_Aldura and in that story the MC and his cousin have a discussion.

“What worries you, Gwen?”

“You. Even considering the burden you bear in taking care of us all, you’ve been too quiet on this journey. Is Phaedra still refusing to marry you?”

Thaenad shuddered. He coughed to clear his throat. “Much has changed since we last talked. Phaedra and I were married, and I was widowed within the same moon-turn.”

At the time it was just a comment, but later my thoughts returned to that conversation and I wondered what had caused Thaenad to be widowed. Thoughts about that sparked the story Phaedra.

Phaedra_AlduraDuring Phaedra there is a scene where she enters the Kalwyn Njae’s ancestral home of Arael’s Rest:

Here lay a crushed skull, there an adult skeleton’s fingers clasped those of a child. Phaedra refused to disturb those two and made a wide arc around them. She tip-toed through a graveyard without markers, filled with spirits who could not rest. Her people, the Kalwyn Njae, lay here in the hundreds, their bones undisturbed since the Rest’s fall. The anguish of mothers, wives, sisters, children, husbands and fathers beat upon her, soaked into her skin and brought tears to her eyes.

Those two lines in Phadra sparked the story, Tears of a Seeress, which will be available soon.

The above is a short example of how/why some of my stories get written in reverse order. In the time-line of Aldura the order would be: (1) Tears of a Seeress, (2) Phaedra, (3) Choices, and then (4) Kaserie’s Choice — the opposite of the order in which they were written.

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