2017-February’s Spotlight


Thumbnail_Friends_AlduraJaelyn, a city born and raised Healer, is assigned to a post in the ‘back of beyond’. With her twentieth natal-day approaching, Jaelyn is feeling lonely because Fenwood Valley is a close-knit community, and they don’t readily welcome strangers, especially not a young, inexperienced female. On her trudge home after helping deliver a baby, Jaelyn discovers unexpected friends when she is kidnapped.

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Trivia Tidbit: This story is another which sprang from a writing prompt: “Someone important goes missing.” I had recently finished reading a story about a very powerful mage who seemed a complete air-head most of the time–until she (and yes it was a female mage) needed to act. I really enjoyed that character. I figured out the “missing person” but also wanted to include a character who appeared scatterbrained but wasn’t,  and I wanted a story about one of the simple pleasures and biggest treasures of life: Friendship.




Cover Reveal – Tales of Aldura: Friends

Friends_AlduraThis began from a story prompt many years ago. The prompt was “someone important goes missing”. The splat-draft of the story out-distanced the eligible word count limit so it couldn’t be entered in the prompt competition. Instead the rough-draft slept in a file on my computer for years (10-15 while I took a break from writing).

I had a lot of fun writing this story and although it is light-hearted and fun, the events do (surprisingly) impact the land of Alarel in important ways.