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About the Authors and Titles:

Mercedes Lackey – Moving Targets

Stuck watching over four Herald trainees on circuit, Elyn is at her wits’ end—and that’s before a town asks for help with a ghostly infestation.

Michael G. Manning – The Blacksmith’s Son

A journey to discover the secrets of his past reveals a magical heritage and embroils Mordecai in a deadly battle for the future of mankind.

K.F. Breene – Chosen

Prophecy has foretold that when war threatens the world, the Chosen will appear to help the Shadow Warriors reclaim their stolen freedom and lead them out of the Land of Mist.

Morgan Rice – A Quest of Heroes

Thorgin, an outsider and a dreamer, fights to become a warrior in an epic quest that finds him at the center of a maelstrom of royal plots and counterplots that threaten him and everyone he loves.

Michael James Ploof – Whill of Agora

When Whill learns the truth of his lineage, he sets out to face his father’s murderer, but what he learns along the way will change his life—and the realm—forever.

Daniel Arenson – Requiem’s Song

Weredragons, men call them. Monsters. Cursed ones. People who can turn into beastly reptiles. Together they will forge a nation.

Kate Sparkes – Bound

When a young woman accidentally saves the life of an enemy Sorcerer, she finds herself drawn into a world of magic that’s more beautiful, more seductive, and more dangerous than she ever imagined.

David Adams – The Pariahs

Two sellswords—a half-elf and a half-orc—find their war over before it even begins. But trouble is stirring on the home front, conflict which threatens more than just their lives.

Amy Raby – The Fire Seer

Taya must use her fire visions to investigate a series of murders, but the Coalition of Mages has partnered her with her old nemesis, the man who used to bully her when they were young.

C. Greenwood – Magic of Thieves & Betrayal of Thieves

In a province where magic is forbidden, young Ilan, born with the powerful gift of her ancestors, has only one hope for survival—concealment.

David Dalglish – The Weight of Blood

When half-bloods Harruq and Qurrah Tun pledged their lives to a death prophet, they only sought escape from their squalid beginnings. Instead, they become his greatest disciples, charged with leading his army of undead.

K.J. Colt – Bear Heart

In the savage lands of Ruxdor, young Klawdia must fight the champions of four rival clans to defend her future as the first female chieftain.

Shae Ford – Poison

A bandit girl is taken from her home and thrust into a complex world of lords and ladies, where she learns that she must kill to survive.

Endi Webb – The Maskmaker’s Apprentice

Masks of legend. Masks of power. Those who dare to wear them trifle with the old powers and risk ruin and mayhem. But a young apprentice maskmaker cannot contain his curiosity, and accidentally unleashes a deadly terror upon an unsuspecting world.

Michael Wallace – The Dark Citadel

A slave boy and a young queen lead an alliance of spies, servants, and merchants to stave off the encroaching armies of a dark wizard.

Terah Edun – Blades of Magic

As an unstoppable war breaks out, a young girl enlists in the military to unravel the secrets surrounding her father’s execution.


Grab it today, before it’s gone!

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Trad vs Self vs Indie

Stack_of_booksOne of my “Rambles”

First a definition of terms to clarify this post:

  • Trad = Traditional Publishing (one of the big 6/5)
  • Self-Pub = exactly what it says
  • Indie = small press

Over discussed topic you say. Yes, probably it is. But some of us are slower than others and I’ve never addressed this before (officially). I chose self-publishing for a multitude of reasons (discussed in previous posts).

Last week, for the first time, I purchased a book because of a tweet I read proclaiming the greatness of an author–“best-selling” and all that and I wanted to sample the work since I’d never heard the author’s name before.

I didn’t look to see who/how it was published. I ordered it, and when it arrived, started reading.

Scroll_Quill_BlueAfter the first few pages I thought, “wow this could have used a good editing.” I looked at the book’s details. Not self-pubbed. Not indie-pubbed. This book was published by one of the biggest publishing houses that is acclaimed for this genre.

I was shocked.

When I choose a book to buy, I don’t look to see how it was published (self/indie/trad). When buying on-line, I read the description and the ‘look inside’ portion. In a bookstore I read the back and the opening pages–and ending pages (yes I cheat). Then make my decision. Subconsciously though, I apparently expect a book released by one of the “big 5” to be of somehow better quality (maybe because of the much higher prices they demand???).

In the past few years my experience has been that quality (and lack of quality) is unrelated to how (self, indie, or trad) the book is published: diamonds and lemons can be found in any/all of them.

The reader becomes the “gatekeeper” in that he or she must decide which books they might enjoy and be willing to spend their money on (which was always the case). I know in the future, I’ll certainly be unwilling,  to spend so much more for a product from one of the Traditional Publishers since one cannot count on improved quality = to the $ spent.



Review – Home from the Sea

Stack_of_booksI enjoy Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar novels. As I said in a review I previously posted, they are my reading equivalent of ‘comfort food’.

Because of that I picked up a copy of Home from the Sea by the same author [Book Seven of the Elemental Masters Series]. I really enjoyed the MC Mari Prothero and the opening chapters which focused on her and her situation.

When the story switched to Sarah and Nan, I was much less thrilled and actually found them quite boring and distinctly unbelievable.

Now considering I jumped in at book seven, possibly I should have expected to be surprised, or confused, but the description did not say a reader should read the earlier books in the series before reading this one.

I thought Lackey did a very decent job with Mari’s chapters, with developing her character and presenting her logic and behavior. The book, in my opinion, would have been much improved and more enjoyable without the interjection of Sarah, Nan and Puck. Or possibly if the novel had opened with those characters so the reader knew they would have a primary role–not sure.

I do know that I will be in no rush to read any of the others in this series.

Home from the Sea gets a 3/5 rating.



Review – A Kingdom of Dreams

Scroll_Quill_BlueA Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught was recommended by a friend. Judith McNaught provides the reader with lovely description and setting which is easily pictured as the story progresses. The characters are engaging for the most part. My favorite was the male MC Royce, while my favorite female character was the Aunt Elinor.

The score for this one is because after all of the time Royce & Jenny spent together and after her father’s schemes etc had been exposed, I found it unbelievable that she would still side with her father in a public event and be against Royce. I found Brenna, Jenny’s sister, more believable at the end (before the epilogue) than Jenny.

So although a highly engaging, well-written story with a very neat plot and complications I couldn’t give this any thing higher than 3.5 / 5.