Never Forget

I can’t believe that this was 15 years ago. It is a day I will never forgot. Back then, my husband and I listened/watched the morning news while getting ready for work. When we turned on the TV, the first building had just been hit. We watched live as the 2nd plane struck.

Since I was self-employed (working from my home), the TV was on all day. I logged onto an internet chat room I frequented and one of the “regulars” was there. I was surprised because she was from Brooklyn. Turns out she was at work and they had no phone service, TV access etc. She and her co-workers had no idea what was happening other than something happened to the Twin Towers. So I spent the afternoon (between work etc) keeping her updated.

No words can adequately express the emotions of that morning and during the following days.


… And more


2016 keeps blowing  through my life leaving challenges in its wake. On August 1st my husband of 40 years died (I would say unexpectedly … but that would be redundant since  death generally is unexpected).

Again, I’ve been absent … hopefully that will change.





Roaring in …

Card_Bug_eyed animal_YoureKiddingIf you’ve wondered where I’ve been since I haven’t posted since the beginning of January, this will catch you up on my adventures since January 1st.

Suffice it to say that 2016 has definitely roared into my life. It started with the common malaise I call “writer’s doubt” where everything you’ve ever written and/or write is drek.

Apparently that wasn’t enough and the year doubled-down on its efforts to make itself memorable. It succeeded!!

I broke my arm. Which arm you ask? Well my right arm. (Yes I’m right handed.)

But it is just a broken arm, no big deal, right?

To make a long story short after 1 surgery, 3 plates, 23 pins and multiple weeks – I can once again (kinda) use my right hand and type for short periods.

So that is 2016 so far 🙂



74 years ago today

The USS Arizona exploding 12/7/1941.

2,402 Americans were killed and 1,282 wounded in the attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec.7, 1941.

Think of them today.