Magic of Aldura: Azrael’s Magic

Stormhawk_NightThe Father gifted each of his children with their own world. The World of Aldura was given to the Twin Gods [Azrael and Arael] and they created the people they called Kalieri to populate it. 

For whatever reason the Father’s eldest son, Urdow, decided to destroy the creations of  the Twin Gods.  He moved some of His children to the World of Aldura and imprinted within them the need to kill or destroy all Kalieri. Along with these Halurdow, as they were called, Urdow also brought His magic.

As a result the World of Aldura plays host to three (possibly four) different types of magic: (1) Twin God’s [Azrael’s] magic, (2) Twin Goddess’ [Arael] magic, and (3) Urdow’s [or the Dark God’s] magic. (4) Since Aldura was created by the power of the Father, His magic may be there also but this has never been proven. Each of the magics follow different rules and restrictions.

This week will focus on Azrael’s magic.

Azrael’s magic cannot be used to harm another follower of the Twin Gods. If a mage tries to use His magic and such use will harm another Kalieri, the magic either rebounds upon the caster or will not work.

Azrael’s magic, or the Twin God’s magic, and His essence, is embedded in theBlack Wolf world itself (making it sentient). Its use was originally limited to a selected group of Kalieri who Azrael called Liheiren because they agreed to dedicate their lives to the protection of the other Kalieri. The ability to use Azrael’s magic was inherited by each Liheiren descendant, but could only be used if they “chose” to also protect the Twin Gods’ creations/children.

Through the ages, the ability has spread throughout all of the Kalieri people due to intermarriages between Kalieri and Liheiren. The term Liheiren has faded from use when referring to ‘magic users’. Use of Azrael’s magic is still dependent upon the choice(s) each individual makes. If a person chooses to commit to protecting and defending the creations of, and those who believe in, the Twin Gods, they gain access to the magic.

Originally the restriction of not harming another follower of the Twin Gods was irrelevant as the enemy were all Halurdow: the children of the Dark God Urdow. However over time, that no longer held true. Some Kalieri were lured into following or working to achieve the Dark God’s purposes by promises, frequently involving power and money.  Also enslaved Kalieri gave birth to children sired by their captors, and these children were raised from birth to follow the Dark God.

dragon_faceWhen this became an issue, the name used by the followers of the Twin Gods for the Dark God’s children changed from Halurdow to Chorkan to recognize their existence.

This restriction now limits the use of Azrael’s magic in battles, and other conflicts since it is impossible to determine the beliefs of each individual in the opposing army and no magic-user wants to die from a backlash of their own magic spell.

Some scholars believe that the strength of each person’s ability to wield magic is  dependent upon the degree of an individual’s dedication to the protection and defense of the other Kalieri. Others believe the strength increases according to the individual’s skill, practice and knowledge.



A group of dragons???

Green_dragon_Free_YellowbackThere are dragons on the World of Aldura and while writing a story I wanted to reference a group of dragons together. I  searched the internet repeatedly (not to say much – I’m a lousy ‘searcher’) looking for what term would/could be used to reference a group of dragons.

I found the following possibilities:

  • a clan
  • a flight
  • a weyr (McCaffrey)
  • a wing
  • a thunder (eragon series)Black_Dragon_morguefile

Which do you like best and why? Or can you think of a different name? Looking for help here.

The other questions my research raised was how do YOU perceive dragons? Are they predominantly loners and rarely travel in groups or do they live/hang-out in groups?