A bit of History – Kingdom of Ryland

Alarel_Aldura-5kingdoms_Kier_FyndMany years in the past the wife of King Cyard of Ryland, bore him triplet sons. King Cyard loved them equally. Wanting each of them to have their own kingdom, Cyard and his wife divided the Kingdom of Ryland, and gave one part to each son. The major portion of the Kingdom was given to the first-born son and continued to be called the Kingdom Ryland. The two younger sons were given smaller parcels of land bordering the ocean. These were named Fynd and Kier.




Narrative: 5 Original Kingdoms of Alarel



After the death of their God, Azrael, the Liheiren and Kalieri divided the land of Alarel into five kingdoms: Vladesh, Galdona, Alliandrae, Ryland, and Klatinan.


  1. Kingdom of Vladesh: (dark orange) Located in the Northwest of the settled portion of Alarel, Vladesh is bordered on the west by the ocean and on the east by the Cappelstoke mountains. To the north were uninhabited lands, which were later occupied by the Chorkan, followers of the Dark God. Vladesh’s southern border is marked by the Derind Mountains.
  2. Kingdom of Alliandrae:  (yellow) Located in the Northeast of the settled portion of Alarel, Alliandrae is bordered on the east by swamplands and ocean, and on the west by the Cappelstoke Mountains. The Great Tereon Sea and unexplored lands lay to the north. While the Kingdom of Galdona borders it on the South. The Liheiren Council is located in this kingdom’s City of Glenwald.
  3. Kingdom of Galdona: (blue) Located in the Southeast of the settled portion of Alarel, Galdona is bordered on the east by swamplands and ocean, on the west by the tail-end of the Cappelstoke Mountains, and the Kingdom of Klatinan. To its north lies Alliandrae, while the Greymark Mountains and unexplored lands comprise its southern border.
  4. Kingdom of Ryland: (light orange/yellow) Located in the west to mid-west of the settled portion of Alarel, Ryland is bordered in the north by the Derind Mountains and in the south by the ocean and the Kingdom of Klatinan. The ocean comprises Ryland’s western border and the Kingdom of Klatinan its eastern one.
  5. Kingdom of Klatinan: (green) This kingdom is sandwiched between Ryland on the west and the Cappelstoke Mountains and the Kingdom of Galdona on the west. The Mickles River serves to separate Klatinan and Ryland in the west. The ocean fronts its southern border. The Cappelstoke Mountains curve west to form Klatinan’s northern border also.
  6. Plain of Azrael and The Cappelstoke Mountains: (white) Not belonging to any of the Kalieri Kingdoms. The Plain of Azrael is located somewhere in the Cappelstoke Mountains. After the God Azrael gave his life for the Kalieri, the Twin Goddess Arael hid the Plain of Azrael which contained the Aldura’s Heart. Arael created the Guardian Clans and one of their tasks was to protect the Plain of Azrael.