May’s Spotlight

Jezrei’s Justice



Elderly and frail, Jezrei is tasked with the safety of more than twenty children when the City of Azraelis is attacked by an enemy bent on slaughter and subjugation. How can one old man hope to stand against an entire army?

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Trivia_BitsThe inspiration for this story came from a comment by one of my sisters after our mother died (our father was already deceased). We were sitting at the kitchen table some time after the funeral and she looked at me and said, “You realize that we no longer have a generation between us and the grave.”

The comment hit home because I had never thought about it that way before. There is a certain comfort/security when your parents are still living, that isn’t there after they are gone. I started thinking about the elderly and considering how they might view/react to various situations. Those thoughts resulted in this story about an elderly man and his actions amidst death and destruction when the enemy assaults his¬†homeland, and a non-fantasy flash fiction piece named ‘Time.’