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If you enjoy reading mysteries and thrillers/suspense this marvelous husband/wife writing team and their stories may be just what you were looking for!!


1_Clifford-Rush-No-Eye-Cover-smallerWhat genre(s) do your write? Mystery / Suspense. We love to combine fast-past stories with dynamic characters, and leave you with something new to think about.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Clifford Rush is the pen name of husband-wife writing team Dave and Alisa Clifford. We’ve known each other since we were 14-years-old and tend to do everything together.

How long have you been writing and what inspired you to begin writing? Alisa has been writing for decades and Dave has been opinionated even longer. She’s 1st Writer and he’s 1st Editor.

What is the last book you read? Alisa:  On Treason’s Trail. This Kalieri Tale has a detective mage which makes for a great fantasy-mystery plot. Dave: Civilian Warriors by Erik Prince.

Which writers inspire you? Alisa: The Apostle Paul (brilliant writing), Tami Hoag (character), Brad Thor (action), …and so many others. Dave:  Mark Bowden. He does an amazing job of sharing the struggles, triumphs and lives of real people in real events.

Where did you get the idea for your Metcalf Cade Trilogy? Sitting in the hot tub. It’s one of the best places to ponder “what if?”

Can you tell us something about the story? No Eye Has Seen is the first installment of the trilogy. It is a mystery short story about two sisters Natasha and Natalie Jackson. They share a secret. Someone is willing to kill for it. Detective Metcalf must solve a young woman’s murder using unexpected clues in order to keep a six-year-old girl safe.

Who do you think will like reading your book and what other novels do you think are similar to it?  Great question. It can be tough to know which new author to try. Here are a few:

  • Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code
  • The Left Behind series by LaHaye and Jenkins
  • Mary Higgins Clark mysteries

Also, check out the “If You Like” section of our web site for more suggestions

Are you working on a new book or story at the moment? Our current work is the Metcalf Cade Trilogy, which consists of:

  • No Eye Has Seen – a short story about one of Detective Metcalf’s first murder cases
  • No Ear Has Heard – a flash piece which introduces Cade, an Israeli Special Forces operator.
  • No Mind Has Conceived – a full-length novel where Detective Metcalf and Cade join forces to find a missing senator’s daughter.

Where can people go to read your work and when will it be available? The short story No Eye Has Seen is available now as a Kindle ebook.

Do you have any tips for aspiring authors?

  • CREATE A ROUTINE: Even if you can’t write every day, find a way to incorporate some aspect of being a writer into your daily routine.
  • CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Always write 1st person? Try third. Think poetry is easy? Write a haiku. Read one writing self-help book every year.
  • CONNECT WITH OTHER WRITERS: Check out on-line or in-person writing groups. Join ones that you like. We’ve been involved in many writers’ groups over the years. Currently we belong to

Good reviews, mixed reviews, bad reviews – what are your thoughts on each of those? Keep in mind, marketing experts claim there is no such thing as “bad” press. And, truthfully, we all have a unique opinion.

If you review other’s books, what is your approach to reviewing those? We enjoy reviewing stories we love.

Thanks for the interview! The opening for No Eye Has Seen is below for your reading pleasure. You can find Clifford Rush here: Facebook, Website


1_Clifford-Rush-No-Eye-Cover-smallerThis is the opening of No Eye Has Seen:

PART 1: Blind

Detective John Metcalf studied the lifeless eye. The smoky-quartz orb stared heavenward. No longing. No mercy. No hope. The upward angle was simply nature’s delivery by the Potomac River washing the bloated, beaten corpse into Arlington jurisdiction. The adult black female lay halfway onto her back. What remained of her face aimed toward the bright, beautiful sky.

Who was she? Where had she been when she crossed paths with her killer?

The victim’s second eye socket was empty. Skin, cheek tissue, and muscle were missing. Cut out? Eroded by a chemical agent? The brutal damage exposed part of her jawbone.

She wore a cheap, see-through raincoat, and nothing else. Her walnut skin, marred by a series of knife wounds around her pubic region, distended at least double the young woman’s normal size. Dangling in a twisted, ragged knot at her left wrist, a purple ribbon created a crude bracelet.

What parents, friends, or maybe a boyfriend waited for her?

Metcalf lowered to one knee. Ignoring the pebbles, the damp sand, and an unexpected wave of nausea, he continued the examination. This girl suffered. Even with the skin maceration from water immersion, a deeper wrinkling seemed to be present around her hands and down her right thigh. Burn marks? She was missing her left thumb and the tip of her left ring finger.

Did this young woman have a child somewhere, calling out a forlorn, “Mommy?”

For an instant, the horror of finding his wife Pam like this flashed in his mind, his own ten-year-old son wondering why his mother wasn’t coming home.

Metcalf clamped down his runaway thoughts. He’d seen dead bodies before. Too many for only three years in the homicide division, but none were as abused as this girl.

He reached across his chest and pulled out a pen. Using the tip, he probed the clump at her wrist. It appeared to be a length of yarn. Purple yarn?

He guessed the M.E. would place time of death somewhere in the past three to four days. At least seventy-two hours for the killer to cover tracks, leave town, or worse. In three days, whoever did this might have found another victim.



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