Appendix – Tales of Aldura: Kaserie’s Choice

Alarel: The land mass on the world of Aldura where the Twin God, Azrael, settled the Kalieri.

Aldura: The world chosen by the Twin God Azrael and which he shared with his twin sister, Arael.

Aldura’s Heart, Replica of: A blue crystal obelisk which originally sat on the corner of the altar in the Temple of Azrael in the City of Azraelis. It was created in the image of the real Aldura’s Heart located in the center of the Plain of Azrael.

Alkiri: A Kalieri Liheiren living in the City of Azraelis in Galdona. She was 12 years old when captured during the Halurdow conquest of the city. Alkiri was held as a prisoner, along with 21 other Kalieri Liheiren children, in a barracks located in the conquered city. At age 14 her powers broke free (plants growing from bed posts, bed frames and floor). Her friend Kaserie witnessed a Seeker killing her.

Allyn Justin Faelyn: see Faelyn, Ranger Prince Allyn Justin.

Azrael: one of the Twin Gods. Azrael chose his landmass on the world of Aldura and named it Alarel. Twin of the Goddess, Arael.

Azraelis, City of: This Capital City of Galdona was conquered and much of it was destroyed during the Halurdow invasion.

Black Wolves: Four-legged children of the Goddess Arael. The Black Wolves reside in the Greymark and Cappelstoke Mountains. They have the ability to read the minds of Kalieri and Liheiren – even if the Kalieri/Liheiren try to shield against it. This ability is rarely used out of fear of affecting the choices the Kalieri might make.

Boars Breath Inn: An establishment in the Chorkan city of Hal’Galdona where Kaserie was assigned as the kitchen slave.

Chorkan: A term used by the Kalieri for those who follow the Dark God. The term is inclusive of (1) the Halurdow (children of the Dark God), (2) the Kalieri who have fallen under the Dark God’s influence and no longer follow the teachings of the Twin Gods, and (3) Those children born as a result of Halurdow mating with Kalieri.

Cook: Female in charge of the kitchen at the Boars Breath Inn in Hal’Galdona. She has beefy hands, broad hips, and a short patience with her Liheiren slave.

Dark God: The name Arael gave her brother, Urdow, after her twin, Azrael, sacrificed himself for his people.

Elion: Represents the Njae on the Council of Alarel in the City of Glenwald.

Faelyn, Ranger Prince Allyn Justin: Youngest son of King Justin and Queen Callendra Faelyn of Galdona. Married to Rheann, Princess of Klatinan. Allyn and Rheann had two children: Tallyn Justin and Kaserie Rheann. Both Allyn and his wife were Rangers. Ranger Prince Allyn has green eyes and blond hair. His magic was strongest in nurturing animals and birds, and in defense. During the battle with the Halurdow for the City of Azraelis, he fought defending the City’s walls. The other defenders believe he was killed in the fighting, but instead he was captured when the enemy broached the main gate. He was later warped by the twisted power of the Dark God’s magic and unwillingly turned into a Seeker.

Faelyn, Princess Kaserie Rheann: Green eyes, blonde hair and has her mother’s slender build. She is the daughter of Prince Allyn and Princess Rheann Faelyn. She was captured by the Halurdow at age 10 when the City of Azraelis fell to the Halurdow.

Faelyn, Ranger Princess Rheann Callenda: Daughter of King Clane of Klatinan. She is a sister to Hereditary Prince Sarel. Rheann was the wife of Ranger Prince Allyn Faelyn and mother of Kaserie & Tallyn. Her magic was strongest in nurturing trees, land and water. She was killed during the battle for the City of Azraelis, but before she died she managed to toss her son, Tallyn, into the arms of one of the defenders of the Temple of Azrael in the City of Azraelis.

Faelyn, Prince Tallyn Justin: Prince of Galdona, son of Allyn & Rheann Faelyn, grandson of King Justin Faelyn, brother to Kaserie Rheann Faelyn. His mother, Rheann, tossed him into the arms of one of the defenders of the Temple of Azrael in the City of Azraelis during the battle with the Halurdow. The defender took Tallyn inside the Temple walls and gave him into the keeping of Muhadun Jezrei. All of the children in Muhadun Jezrei’s care were whisked away to safety in Alliandrae by the aged teacher’s magic. Tallyn’s status is unknown by his sister Kaserie at the time the events in Kaserie’s Choice occur.

Hal’Galdona: Halurdow name for the City of Azraelis.

Halurdow: Children of the Dark God, Urdow, who is the eldest brother of the Twin Gods. They were brought to Aldura by Urdow to destroy what his youngest siblings created. This designation fell from use and was replaced by the term Chorkan.

Jarvis: Master/Owner of the Boars Breath Inn where Kaserie worked as a kitchen slave.

Kalieri: The people of the world Alarel created by the Twin Gods: Azrael and Arael.

Kaserie Rheann Faelyn: see Faelyn, Princess Kaserie Rheann.

Liheiren: A group of the Kalieri to whom Azrael gave more direct/immediate access to the magic He endowed to the world of Aldura.

LongSight: Male Black Wolf mated to Wind. Together they are the pack-leaders of twenty Black Wolves.

Rangers: A group of dedicated Kalieri, generally Liheiren, and Njae sworn to protect the Kingdoms of Alarel and all Kalieri.

Rheann Callenda Faelyn: see Faelyn, Ranger Princess Rheann Callenda.

Samul: Night watchman at the Boars Breath Inn in Azraelis/Hal’Goldona where Kaserie is assigned as the Kitchen slave. To alleviate his boredom during the long night hours, Samul frequently over indulges in sampling the ale.

Seeker: A Liheiren Kalieri who, after being magically tortured, coerced, and warped via Shaman’s using Halurdow magic upon them, serve the Halurdow. Even though twisted to serve the Dark God, they can still sense the use of Kalieri magic.

Shaman: Religious functionaries of the Halurdow. They control the Seekers and are the wielders of the Dark God’s magic.

Stryker Pass: A strategic military objective. Located in that portion of the Cappelstoke Mountains which separates the southern and northern portions of the Kingdom of Galdona, it is the only pass between the two portions of the Kingdom. It was here that the remnants of the Galdonan army and other Kalieri forces stopped the Halurdow invasion.

Taslen: Kaserie’s childhood pet dog, most likely killed during the Halurdow assault.

Temple of Azrael in Azraelis City: Located in the southern portion of the capital city of the Kingdom of Galdona. It is said in the Tales of the Muhadun that from the day Jezrei saved the Kalieri Children from the barbarians to the present, if any of Urdow’s children enter the Temple in Azraelis, they soon go mad, and spend the rest of their life screaming and moaning in pain and agony from invisible wounds. Such was the justice dealt by the hand of Muhadun Jezrei.

Temple of the Liar: What the Halurdow Shaman call the Temple of Azrael when speaking with the Seeker Allyn.

Thaenad: A Liheiren Ranger and member of the Dragon Clan who comes to help Kaserie. He is a friend of LongSight & Wind a pair of Black Wolves.

Tallyn Justin Faelyn: see Faelyn, Tallyn Justin.

Urdow: A god and eldest son of the Father. He was the brother of Azrael and Arael and becomes jealous of the beauty and harmony on Aldura. In an attempt to destroy the Twin Gods’ creation, he brings his children there and commands them to destroy the Kalieri.

Wind: A female Black Wolf and mate of LongSight. Together they are the pack-leaders of twenty Black Wolves.



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