A Day in the Life ….

A tongue-in-cheek look at my day 🙂

  1. Wake up at 5 a.m. from cat whiskers tickling my nose (usually Cosmo or Taka) or from a dead weight sitting on my chest (Taka or Sam). Once the human stirs,  the puppers must go out immediately or … well … accidents do happen. Thank my lucky stars for our fenced yard so I don’t have to take them out on a leash on freezing mornings.
  2. All the morning stuffies.
  3. Make coffee.
  4. Dogs bark and want back inside.
  5. Check & make sure the cats have food (in all their dishes-there are 3 in separate places so one cat cannot dominate the food) to forestall any vocal complaints erupting from the felines.
  6. Pour myself a cuppa. Turn on the computer.coffee_cup_icon_clip_art_9614
  7. Prepare and serve the dogs’ breakfast because (1) it is time and (2) they want it NOW!
  8. Sit down at the computer and scan my email. Annie-dog comes in and nudges my hand off the keyboard. She’s finished her breakfast and wants her treat. I get both her and Nigel a doggie nummie-bone.
  9. Sit down at the computer, check work schedule, either work on a project or  try to write.
  10. Sam-kitty comes into my room crying and leads me to the food dish (which is NOT empty, mind you, just not as full as he thinks it should be).
  11. Break up a discussion between Taka-kitty and Shadow-kitty (or Sam-kitty and Taka-kitty, or Cosmo-kitty and Taka-kitty) because one wants the sleeping space the other currently occupies. [This is a reoccurring event throughout the day.]
  12. Play a game of solitaire or ??? on the computer.
  13. Check to make sure I haven’t forgotten any deadlines and/or appointments (panic if I have).
  14. Dogs want outside again because there might be more ‘morning news’ to read on the wind or grass, or maybe their buddies next door will be out in their yard, or squirrels or bunnies or birds might dare to be on the ground!
  15. Fix breakfast for the humans and wash dishes.
  16. Sit down at the computer and work on a project or try to write. [Yes, Yoda, I know: ‘Do or do not, computer_clipartthere is no try.’]
  17. Clean house and (if needed) do laundry. [The house always needs cleaning with 2 dogs & 4 cats.]
  18. Between all the above, meet any scheduled appointments and deliver any work that is due.
  19. Rinse and repeat items 3 through 16 (alternating breakfast in 7, 8 & 15 with lunch & dinner) for the rest of the day.
  20. Somewhere in the above (on many days) make time to critique a work for someone in an on-line writers group.
  21. Wonder where the day has gone. [Sad thing is I can remember when there was all of this plus two more dogs, full-time job outside the home, college classes, and kids, but fewer things were pushed over into the next day’s to-do list.]
  22. Read before going to sleep.




4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life ….

  1. Morning stuffies. Pets. Coffee. Hmm–and I thought my mornings were unique. I guess not!

    • 🙂 it is waking up to the kitty-whiskers up the nose that is soooo joyful to experience — or the inability to breathe because kitteh is planted on chest (with claws in use)

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