A group of dragons???

Green_dragon_Free_YellowbackThere are dragons on the World of Aldura and while writing a story I wanted to reference a group of dragons together. I  searched the internet repeatedly (not to say much – I’m a lousy ‘searcher’) looking for what term would/could be used to reference a group of dragons.

I found the following possibilities:

  • a clan
  • a flight
  • a weyr (McCaffrey)
  • a wing
  • a thunder (eragon series)Black_Dragon_morguefile

Which do you like best and why? Or can you think of a different name? Looking for help here.

The other questions my research raised was how do YOU perceive dragons? Are they predominantly loners and rarely travel in groups or do they live/hang-out in groups?




4 thoughts on “A group of dragons???

  1. I’m also fond of McCaffrey’s weyr, but for other ideas I looked for groups from your prior blog posts, picked out ones I liked, and then tried to think of dragons.

    A CHARM of Finches – several of the “magical” terms could be used in a variety of roles within Aldura.
    A Charm of Dragons
    A Lure of Dragons – I like how a lure, almost reads as Allure of Dragons
    An Enchant of Dragons
    An Amulet of Dragons – this could fit in nicely with the various amulets in the stories

    Herd (elephants, cows,e tc)
    A Channel of Dragons

    Tower (giraffes)
    A Loom of Dragons

    Flight (birds in general, and swallows)
    An Escape of Dragons

    Pride (lions)
    A Delight of Dragons
    An Honor of Dragons – this one ties into Kalieri themes

    Tigers: streak
    A Vein of Dragons
    A Flash of Dragons (neat visual)

    • Danielle
      Jeesh … I need to be creative like you are … so many there that I like. Lots to think on. Thank you, thank you.

  2. ‘Weyr’ stands out – for me. Such a beautiful word, and perhaps one that most readers would not have come across before.

    • Pauline,
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂 How goes the writing? When is the next Kildare book coming?
      I liked Weyr also – but since it was created by an author that could cause some issues AND people might also automatically create the picture in their minds of HER world and dragons. So — I’m still debating.


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