A friend’s book

A wonderful historical fiction novel to be released May 1st.Cover_Pull_of_the_yew_tree_

“Pull of the Yew Tree is a literary piece of intrigue and love set in Ireland during The War Of The Roses. Based on the great Geraldines, the Earls of Kildare, the charismatic characters take the reader on a journey through a world fraught with death, dishonour and betrayal. Unlike the English rulers of the time, little about the Fitzgeralds has been produced in fiction novel format, until now. This is the first book in the Crom Abu series and ends in the aftermath of the Battle of Barnet, a battle fought during a period which came to be known as The War Of The Roses. “I loved this book! It took me to an Ireland I had only ever dreamed. Danger, romance, intrigue … carefully plotted around real events and people. The characters danced on the page … I was transported.” Joanne Ryan Playwright [from Amazon]