73 Years Ago

The USS Arizona exploding 73 years ago today.

2,402 Americans were killed and 1,282 wounded in the attack on Pearl Harbor on Sunday, Dec.7, 1941. Think of them today.




5 thoughts on “73 Years Ago

  1. Born and raised in Vermont. Did you know that on December 8th, when FDR was giving the speech, the Vermont Assembly unanimously and quite unconstitutionally declared was on the Empire of Japan? The rest of the country followed suit the next day in Congress- some trivia about war powers. But how great would it have been if Congress had voted to hold off- “sick ’em, Vermont!”
    We’d a’ won, too.

  2. Excellent post, Susan. My stepfather is a WWII vet. I teach my first graders about FDR (and Eleanor) and WWII. Tomorrow we are watching the You Tube of his speech. (I do think most of them will try to see his legs. They are fascinated with the fact he had polio and was secretly in a wheelchair.)
    A huge thanks to all of our veterans. We mustn’t forget.

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