celtic-knot8 Sentences from: Loyalties

Thank you for stopping by. These sentences skip ahead a bit from the previous week’s #8. Hope you enjoy.

The unease sparked by Elion’s visit had intensified while Kai slept, reaching a point where his stomach roiled with fear. With a quiet sigh, he kissed Alyssa’s forehead, grateful she remained asleep. Donning his trousers, tunic, and pulling on soft ankle high boots, Kai stoked the fire to banish the chill of the night, and hoped the absence of his body heat wouldn’t wake his wife.

On his way to the tower, he extended his perception and touched the minds sleeping nearest: his children and grandchildren–all rested peacefully. Broadening his search, he touched the minds of servants, the sleeping guards below, and sensed the alert ease of those patrolling the wall. Nowhere did he discern alarm or hostile intent. With a relieved sigh, he ruled out an attack against Wolfwatch. That knowledge did nothing to soothe his feelings, quiet his stomach, or slow his pace.


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  1. Well he may feel there’s no impending attack or problem but somehow your snippet leaves me with an acute sense of unease – well done! Excellent excerpt!

    • Linda
      Thanks for stopping by and commentng – I still cannot comment on your site 🙁 dunno what is wrong. Maybe it is my browser or my virus program.

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