4/24-Writing Wednesday

I sat in front of the computer today and stared at a word document (a blank page other than containing the words at the top “Chapter 07”)–nothing. So I opened a different WIP….nothing. I opened another and another and another…all nothing. Couldn’t even really force myself to write one word.

Totally puzzled, I wondered why since I’m really enjoying my current project. Prior to the last two weeks I generally managed to draft a chapter every couple of days. Examining what changed that might impact my writing, a possible explation dawned.

For the past several weeks I’ve been trying to convert my writing process to a more systematic approach of pre-plotting (pre-planning) and outlining. I’ve been reading books and studying the process and methodology of plotting/outlining, and converting my ideas into the graphs, diagrams etc. offered by the books and tutorials.

The end result: Not one new word written since I started the conversion.

I should have known better. Even in high school and college if the assignment was to #1 create an outline and submit it for teacher/instructor’s approval, and #2 to then write a story, paper, or assignment from the outline, I always wrote the story, paper, or assignment first. I’d create the outline (assignment #1) after #2 was completed and submit it for approval. Back then I did try to do the outline first and then write. It never worked.

I am a pantser – and a pantser of the worst kind. Give me a beginning (and sometimes an ending) or an idea and let me write.

All the plans/plots etc have been filed away in a folder and tomorrow I’ll be back to my old regimen and see if that works better.